[zh-tw]Masque Chroma Captive


Shine Intensifying Masque.  

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Intensive rinse-out treatment for coloured hair. The masque treats the fiber intensively to prolong the colour in its most perfect state whilst intensifying its shine. Deep, intense, luminous: your colour never fades.





▪ Apply 1 to 2 hazelnut-sized amounts of the masque on the lengths and ends.
▪ Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes.
▪ Rinse thoroughly.




The new Système Capture GZTM to capture, fix, magnify the colour for 40 days*:
▪ Zinc Gluconate: a powerful ingredient, that ties coloring agents together by creating ionic bonds.
▪ Vitamine E and UV filters: known to fight against external aggressions to protect the colour reflects.
▪ Lindseed Oil: homogenizes the fiber and smoothes the cuticle supporting maximal shine.

*instrumental test with and without shampoo